Angarika Chaturthi

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Angaraki Chaturthi is a vrat celebrated in respect of Lord Ganesha. Sankashti Chaturthi is observed on the krishna paksha chaturthi day of each lunar month i.e. on fourth day after Purnima. If Sankashti Chaturthi falls on Tuesday, it is called Angarika. This vrat is completed on the same day. The fast starts at sunrise and ends after sighting the moon.

Devotees believe that, by observing Angarika Chaturthi Vrat they can get relived from all physical and mental problems and all their wished get fulfilled.

Significance of Angarika Chaturthi

Angaraki Chaturthi Importance, Why Angarika Chaturthi is considered auspicious?

Angarika Chaturthi is mentioned in Ganesh Puran. It explains about how God Mars blessed by God Ganesha. Angaraki means the planet Mars (Mangal). Lord Ganesh is the presiding deity of Mars and Earth. The weekday of Mangalvar (Tuesday) is also named in respect of  planet Mars.

Anrarika Chaturthi is considered more auspicious Sankashti Chaturthi. People observe fast on this day. This fast is dedicated to God Ganesha and Planet Mars. This fast is equivalent to fasting on all Chaturthi during a year. Devotees, who observe Anrarika Chaturthi vrat blessed by Lord Ganesha and live happily.

Angarika Chaturthi 2013 Dates

Angarika Chaturthi is arriving three times in this year. Angarika Chaturthi 2013 Dates are

1st January 2013.

28th May 2013.

22nd October 2013.

Next Angarika chaturthi fast will be observed on Tuesday, 1st January, 2013. Angarika Chaturthi is a Sankashti Chaturthi day, that comes on a Tuesday.

Angarika Chaturthi Vratha Vidhanam

People worship God Ganesh before worshiping any God. This is because God ganesha is known as God of obstacles (Vignadhipathi).  Devotees, Who observe Angarika Chaturthi fast, Should wake up early in the morning and take a bath. Then take some water and druva in a hand and take vow for the fast.

“Mam Savra Karma Siddheya Siddhi Vinayak Pujanmaham Karishye”

An Idol of God Ganesha Should be established. Kalash Should be filled with a water and covered with a cloth. After sighting the moon, this water should be poured on the idol. After Puja Devotees broke their fast with fruits.

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Angarika  Chaurthi Katha

According to Hindu scriptures, Planet Mars (is considered as the son of earth), worshipped Lord Ganesha. God Ganesha was pleased with this and blessed him. from then tuesday on Sankashti is known as Angarak Chaturthi. Tuesday is also belongs to planet mars.

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