Aja Ekadashi | Ananda Ekadashi

Aja Ekadashi , Ananda Ekadashi , Aja Ekadasi , Ananda Ekadasi , Shravana Bahula Ekadashi , Shravana Krishna Paksha Ekadashi

The Ekadashi or Ekadasi that falls in the Krishna Paksha of Shravan Mass as per the Telugu calendar is known as Aja Ekadashi.

Aja Ekadashi is also known as Ananda Ekadashi. Every Ekadashi has some or the other importance attached to it. By observing the Ekadashi Vrat on Aja Ekadasi or Ananda Ekadasi, all the sins that were committed previously are removed. The legend that would explain the significance of this Aja Ekadashi Vrat is explained below.

Aja Ekadashi Vrat Story

Once there lived a great emperor by name of Harischandra. He was a man who would never speak a lie. The glory of his Satya Vrata spread across all the worlds in the universe. He had a wife by the name of Chandramati and a son by the name of Lohitashva. Due to a clash between Sage Vishwamitra and others, King Harischandra was put to test on his Satya Vrata, wherein Sage Vishwamitra has to force Harischandra to tell a lie.

Standing to the test, Harischandra looses all his wealth, Kingdom,wife and son. His wife and son are sold as servants to a Bhramin. He himself becomes a slave to a cremationyard watchmen. Harischandra, even undergoing through all this tough time doesnt leave his Satya Vrata. He was lured by all possible means by Vishwamitra to speak a lie. But Harischandra never spoke a lie.

One day a great sage by the name of Gautama visits the city where Harischandra was working. He looks at Harischandra and understands the plight of Harischandra. Gautama advices Harischandra to observe the Ekadashi Vrat on the Krishna paksha Ekadashi of Sravana Month as per Telugu Calendar. Gautama tells Harischandra that the Krishna paksha Ekadashi of Sravana Month is known as Aja Ekadashi or Ananda Ekadashi, which has the power to cleanse all the sins that were done in the past. Gautama also explains the procedure that, merely by fasting on the Aja Ekadashi and eating the food the next day within the Dwadashi time would fetch him immense virtue, by means of which he can overcome all his miseries.

Harischandra, prays to the Sage and pays his respect to him. Harischandra thanks sage Gautama for all the help and observes the Ekadashi Vrat on Aja Ekadashi. By the power of Aja Ekadshi Vrat, Harischandra is freed from all his sins and gets back his wife and kingdom. Sage Vishwamitra also acknowledges the Satya Vrata of Harischandra.

Simply reading or listening to this story would give you the virtue that one gets by performing a Ashwamedha Yaga.


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