Radha Ashtami 2018 Date

When is Radha Ashtami?, Significance of Radha Ashtami , Radha Ashtami date 2018

The Ashtami of Bhadrapada month of  lunar calendar or the eighth day of the waxing phase moon of the month of Bhadrapada is celebrated as Radha Ashtami. This year Radha Ashtami will be celebrated on Monday, 17th September 2018.

Radha Ashtami is celebrated as the birthday of Radha.  Radha was found on floating on a lotus in a river by her father Vrishbhanu. Radha was adopted by Vrishbhanu as his daughter and that day is celebrated as Radha Ashtami.

Radha was the lover of Lord Krishna and was the top most favorite of Lord Krishna. The love story of Radha Krishna is most famous. Radha is believed to be elder by Lord Krishna by 11 months. But their love was eternal and is looked upon as an example by all the devotees.

Women would observe fast on Radha Ashtami and would eat after the sunset. It is believed that by worshiping Radha one would please Lord Krishna.

Radha Ashtami is celebrated across India in all the Lord Sri Krishna temples. The celebrations of Radha Ashtami at Barsana temple are very famous. A mela will also be organized at Barsana for ten days during Radha Ashtami.

Laddoos are offered as Bhog to Radha and later offered to peacocks. Chappan Bhog is also prepared and offered as Naivedyam to Radha on Radha Ashtami  and distributed among devotees.

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