Pratipada Shraddha | Padwa Shraddha

First Day of Pitrupaksha, First Day of Mahalaya Paksha, First Day of Shraddha, Pratipada Shraddha, Padwa Shraddha, Padyami Shradda

Pratipada Shraddha or Padwa Shraddha is observed on the first day of the waxing phase of the moon in the month of Bhadrapada of the lunar calendar or on the Bhadrapada Krishna paksha Padyami. According to Purnimant Calenders, Pratipada Shraddha  falls in the month of Ashwin.

Shraddhas for people who have died on Padyami thithi either on Sukla Paksha or Krishna Paksha is perfomed on Pratipada Shraddha or Padwa Shraddha. For the maternal parents who have no male child Shraddha can be performed on Pratipada Shraddha or Padwa Shraddha irrespective of the  Thithi on which the maternal parents have died.

On Pratipada Shraddha or Padwa Shraddha the common ritual involves giving Tarpan to the dead ones and paying homage. After Tarpan Pinda Daan is done, which is either immersed in a river or a cow is made to eat them.

The best time to start the Shraddha ritual so that the lunch should be taken during the Aparahna (After noon) Time.

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