Sankashti Chaturthi Vrat Vidhanam

Sankashti Chaturthi, Sankatahara Chaturthi

sankashti chaturthi

sankashti chaturthi

The Chatruthi or the fourth day of the wanning pahse of the moon or the Krishna Paksha is observed as Sankashti Chaturthi or Sankatahara Chaturthi. It is a very auspicious day for the devotees of lord Ganesh and many of them observe the Sankashti Chaturthi Vrat to fulfill their desires by pleasing lord Ganesha.

The vrat starts early in the morning of the Chaturthi day. Devotees get up early in the morning and take head bath and pray to lord  Ganesha. They keep a fast during the whole day without taking any food. If devotees are unable to observe a complete fast they can do it partially by drinking milk or eating some fruits. In the evening after seeing the moon, lord Ganesh is worshipped.

It is a tradition to worship Ganesh either in the Turmeric form or the clay idol form. For this Vrat, Ganesha has to be worshipped in the Turmeric(Pasupu) Ganesha 0r Ganapathi form. This Turmeric Ganesha has to be placed in a  small square shaped Bamboo Basket (Veduru Butta) along with an idol made out of gold or silver or or copper or clay depending on ones affordability. Bamboo is considered as Lakshmi and hence the placing of the Ganapthi in the Bamboo Basket.

After the above setup the normal Ganesh worship (pooja) has to performed along with the Shodasopachara Pooja. It is very good to perform the pooja with  Durva(grass)

Finally offerings like Undrallu(a dish made out of rice grains) are made to Lord Ganesh and only those are eaten as dinner. Only vegetarian food is allowed.

This Vrat has to be done for 16 times and that would result in fulfilling the desires of the devotees.

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