Kajari Teej

Kajari Teej , Kajali Teej

Kajari Teej or Kajali Teej is celebrated on the Shravana Bahula Tritiya or Truthiya i.e the third day of the waning phase of the moon in the Shravana Month. This festival is celebrated with great devotion in North India.

On Kajari Teej or Kajali Teej songs are sung remembering Lord Krishna. Special pooja is performed to the NEEM tree on the occasion of Kajari Teej or Kajali Teej.

Kajari Teej or Kajali Teej is celebrated to mark the advent of Monsoon. Swings are tied and women swing singing songs praising Lord Krishna. The songs that are sung also consist of the Monsoon environment, and some songs are on the pain of separation.

During Kajari Teej or Kajali Teej a social gathering takes place at the Neem tree and the Neem tree is worshipped by one and all. Women observe fasting during Kajari Teej or Kajali Teej, for a happy married life.

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