Vaikunta Ekadasi 2012 date

When is Vaikuntha Ekadashi 2012, Mukkoti Ekadashi date 2012, Vaikuntha Ekadasi 2012 date, Viakunta Ekadasi in 2012 date, Viakuntha Ekadashi date 2012, Swarga Vathil Ekadashi  of 2012, Mokshada Ekadashi in 2012, Mokshada Ekadasi 2012 date, Vaikunta Ekadasi 2012 date is 23rd December 2012.

The Ekadashi that occurs on the bright fortnight of the Margasira Month of the Telugu calendar  or on the sukla pakasha Ekadashi of Margasira Masa of the lunar calendar is observed as Viakunta Ekadashi or Mukkoti Ekadashi or Mokshada Ekadashi . Vaikunta Ekadasi occurs in the Tamil month of Margazhi. Vaikunta Ekadashi date for the year 2012 is on December 23rd 2012.

Ekadashi is one of the favorite days of Lord Vishnu and is observed with great devotion by the worshippers of Lord Vishnu. Devotees observe the Ekadashi Vrat on this day. As a part of the Vaikunta Ekadasi Vrat devotees would observe a fast and would stay awake in the night chanting the name of Lord Vishnu.

Lord Vishnu is worshiped by the name of Damodara on Vaikunta Ekadashi or Vaikuntha Ekadasi or Mokshada Ekadasi or Mukkoti Ekadasi.

Vaikunta Ekadasi is also known as Swarga Vathil Ekadashi or Ekadasi.

The process of observing the Ekadashi Vrat can be read at “Ekadashi Vrat Vidhanam”.

Devotees also read the Vaikunta Ekadasi Vrat Katha on Vaikunta Ekadashi.

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