Ekadashi Vrat Vidhanam

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Ekadashi vratam is to be practiced as the name suggests on the 11th day of any paksham(Krishna/sukhla), of the telugu month.

The vrat starts from the day before itself i.e from Dasami(tenth day of the telugu month) where in the one who wants to practice the vrat has to take in tiffin only and no rice as food i.e. he has to take some thing natural or less so that the stomach would be practically empty for Ekadashi.

Then one has to fast the whole day of Ekadashi. Now fasting is not simply keeping yourself from eating. Fasting is called as UPAVASAM (which means staying close to something and here it is GOD). So one should try to recite/pray to God Vishnu . Then should take food on the next day that is on Dwadashi(the twelfths day of the paksham of telugu month) . It is a good practice to call a Bhramin home for offering him Food. That is he has to be thought as the Lord Vishnu himself and so satisfy him and then take food.

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