Utpanna Ekadasi 2012 Date

When is Utpanna Ekadasi in 2012?, Uttpatti Ekadashi 2012, Uttpatti Ekadashi Date, 9th December 2012

Utpanna Ekadasi is observed on eleventh day of the Krishna Paksha in the month of kartika according to Amavasyant calenders. As per Purnimant calenders, it falls in the month of Margashira. This year Utpanna ekadasi is on Sunday, 09th December 2012.

In Bhavisya Purana God Sri Krishna explained the significance of Utpanna ekadasi to Arjuna. For those people who want to start the Ekadasi fasting, can start on Uttpatti Ekadasi. People can get rid from the bad effects of all the sins accumulated during the previous births and this birth by observing this ekadasi fast. You can read story of utpanna ekadashi here. All the normal rules fallowed during Ekadasi vrat are applied for Utpanna Ekadashi.

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