Utpanna Ekadasi Vrat Katha

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Once there lived a great demon by the name of Mura. He was very power full. He ruled from the city of Chandravati. He defeated all the Gods and had occupied heaven and all the other worlds. He had made Gods his slaves and was ruling the whole world.

Indra and other gods unable to be his slaves went  to God Shiva and prayed him to rescue them from the demon Mura.  Lord Shiva after listening to them advised them to go to Lord Vishnu and pray him. Lord Shiva told that Lord Vishnu is the protector of all those who  surrender to him. Lord Indra along with other Gods went to Vaikuntam, which was Lord Vishnus abode.
Indra along with other Gods prayed to Lord Vishnu who pleased with the prayers of the Gods asked them the reason of coming to him. Indra replied that, the world was facing troubles from a demon by the name of Mura. He said that Mura had conquered all the worlds and has made all the gods and others his slaves. He was not allowing the sages to perform the normal rituals and was torturing the  common people.

Lord Vishnu was astonished to hear about this and he assured Indra and others that he would lead them in war with the demon Mura and vowed that he would kill Mura. As said Lord Vishnu along with the Gods went to the kingdom of Mura and challenged him for a war. Mura accompanied by many demons came to the battle field. Seeing the vast army of the demons, the Gods feared and started fleeing the battle field.

Lord Vishnu still fought and started killing all the demons. Seeing Lord Vishnu slay all the demons, Mura himself came to battle field to fight with Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu and Mura involved in a fierce battle. All the different Astras and weapons that were used by Lord Vishnu had no affect on  Mura. Mura was not even slightly hurt. All the weapons and the divine arrows were not even able to form a scratch on the demon.

Lord Vishnu seeing this thought that the only way to kill the demon is to wrestle with him. So Lord Vishnu challenged Mura for a wrestle and both of them wrestled for one thousand celestial years. Lord Vishnu tried very hard to overcome the strength of Mura but was not able to do so. Lord Vishnu was astonished of the strength of the demon and was too tired to continue the duel. Lord Vishnu fled from the battle field to take some rest  and to gain some energy.

He went to Badrika Ashram and entered a cave called Himavati. The cave was 96 miles in diameter. Lord Vishnu slept in the cave. Mura saw that Lord Vishnu was tired and thought that it was the best  moment to try and kill Lord Vishnu. He followed Lord Vishnu and saw him entering the cave. He also entered the cave and found Lord Vishnu in sleep. He prepared himself to kill Lord Vishnu and when he was about to strike and lady appeared from the body of Lord Vishnu. The lady was holding different kind of weapons in her hands and challenged Mura to fight.

Mura was astonished to see a the divine lady who was ready to fight and started to fight with her. The lady fought vigorously and Mura was getting tired. The lady seeing a chance disarmed Mura and in a split of a second killed Mura.

When Lord Vishnu woke up he saw the beautiful lady and also the dead  body of Mura. He asked her who she was and also enquired on who killed Mura. The lady replied that she was the one who killed Mura and she was the inner strength of Lord Vishnu. She replied that she emerged from his body seeing the intentions of Mura to kill Lord Vishnu.

Lord Vishnu was pleased with her. Lord Vishnu told that he was ready to give her a boon for killing the demon and the lady replied that the she wanted that the day on which she appeared be the most favorite day to the Lord and the most auspicious one for his devotees. She asked that those who would fast on this day should get a virtue that would help them to reach the Vishnu Loka or the abode of Lord Vishnu.

Lord Vishnu named her Ekadasi and granted her the boon. From that day onwards, devotees would fast on Ekadasi and would get the benefits of fasting on Ekadasi.

Since it was on this day that the lady Ekadasi appeared this Ekadasi is known as Uttpanna Ekadasi or Utpatti Ekadasi.  Uttpanna or Utpatti means born or manifested.

The process of observing the Ekadasi Vrat can be read at “ Ekadasi Vrat Vidhanam “.

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