Tulasi Vivah 2012 date

Tulsi Vivah 2012 date, Date of Tulasi Vivah 2012. When is Tulasi Vivah 2012, Significance of 25th November 2012. Tulasi Vivah 2012 date is 25th November 2012.

Tulasi Vivah is performed on the twelfth day of the Karthika Month of the lunar calendar or on the Karthika Suddha Dwadashi. Tulasi Vivah 2012 date is 25th Novemeber 2012.

Devotees would perform the marriage of Saligramam and Tulasi to commemorate the divine relationship of Lord Vishnu and Tulasi plant. The story of Tulasi can be read at ” Legend of Tualsi Vivah”.

It is also believed that Lord Vishnu along with Godess Lakshmi would reside in the virndavan on the Dwadashi day. The Karthika Dwadashi is also known as Ksheerabdi Dwadashi.


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