Legend of Tulsi Vivah

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Once there lived a demon king by the name of Jalandhar. Vrinda was his wife and was a Pativrata (one who is only devoted to her husband). Because of Vrinda being Pativrata the demon Jalandhar was never getting killed. It was only because of the power of Vrindas devotion towards Jalandhar that was helping Jalandhar stay alive.

Jalandhar ws continuously in war with Gods and the Gods were unable to kill Jalandhar. They all prayed to Lord Vishnu to help them. Lord Vishnu realized that it was only because of the devotion of Vrinda towards her husband that Jalandhar was not getting killed. To kill  Jalandhar the only way was to some how break the Pativrata Dharma of Vrinda. As per the Pativrata dharma, the women should never be or even think of any other man other than her husband.

Lord Vishnu transformed himself into Jalandhar and stayed with Vrinda for few days. Vrindas Pativrata Dharma was broken and the demon Jalandhar was killed in the war.

In the  mean time Vrinda identifies that the person who is with her is not her husband. She realizes that it is Lord Vishnu and curses him to become a stone. From then on Lord Vishnu is found as a Shaligramam and worshipped. Lord Vishnu understanding the pain of Vrinda transformed her into a plant called it Tulasi (Basil plant). Lord Vishnu gave Vrinda the boon that she would a plant that would be in the every household and that he would stay in the house only if there is Tulasi plant in the house. He has gave the boon that the Puja of Lord Vishnu will never be complete without worshipping him with Tualsi. He also told her that from then onward his abode would be called as Vrindavan or Brindavan.

To remember divine relationship of Vrinda and Lord Vishnu Tulasi Vivah is performed by the devotees. Tulasi Vivah also marks the start of the marriage season in North India.

Tulasi Vivah is performed on the Ksheerabdi Dwadashi or the Karthika Dweadashi. It is the twelevth day of the Karthika Month of the lunar calendar.

On Ksheerabdi Dwadashi by performing the Tulasi Vivah believing Tualsi as ones daughter would fetch the virtue equivalent to performing a Kanya Daan.

Tulasi Vivah is performed by married women for a long and happy married life, where as unmarried women perform Tulasi Vivah to get good husbands.

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