Sri Panchami | Saraswati Puja

Birthday of Goddess Saraswati, Vasanth Panchami, Basant Panchami, Akshara Abhyasam

When is Sri Panchami
Sri Panchami is observed on the fifth day of the waxing moon phase or on the sukla paksha Panchami of the Magha Month as per the Lunar Calendar. Sri Panchami normally falls in the months of January or February.
Reason for Celebrating Sri Panchami
It is believed that Goddess Saraswati was born on this day and hence celebrated as Sri Panchami,
Who is Goddess Saraswati
Goddess Saraswati is the diety of knowledge and is the consort of the lord of creation Lord Brahma.
Other Names of Goddess Saraswati
Goddess Saraswati is also commonly known as Vaak Devi. Vaak is a Sanskrit word which means speech. Vaak Devi means the one responsible for speech which is nothing but knowledge. Goddess Saraswati is also known by the names of Vaani, Braahmi, Sarada, Bharati etc.
Why worship Goddess Saraswati
Goddess Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge and many sages have worshipped Goddess Saraswati in pursuit of spiritual knowledge. Goddess Saraswati was responsible for directing GURU Raghavendra Swamy towards the Sanyasa Ashrama or to become a Sanyasi.
Appearance of Goddess Saraswati
Goddess Saraswati is seated in a fully blossomed white lotus. She has four hands. She is depicted as playing the musical instrument Veena with two hands. In the remaining two hands, one hand hold Vedas and the other a string of rosary beads(Mala). The vehicle of Goddess Saraswati is Hamsa or Swan.
Other Names of Sri Panchami
Sri Panchami is also famous by the names of Vasanth Panchami or Basant Panchami. Vasant Panchami is the fifth day after the onset of the Vasant Ruthu or Vasant season.
Days on Which Goddess Saraswati Is Worshipped
Goddess Saraswati is worshipped all round the year. But the most auspicious days of worshipping Goddess Saraswati are
1) Sri Panchami or Vasant Panchami or Basant Panchami
2) On the day of Moola Nakshatra during the Dassera or Dusshera, which would normally be on the Saptami day.
Rituals during Sri Panchami
Devotees get up early in the morning, take a head bath and worship Goddess Saraswati .
Akshara Abhyasam, a ritual in India, which is followed whenever a child is officially made to write, or the first day of learning in his life is performed on Sri Panchami. It is believed that it is very auspicious to perform the Akshara Abhyasam on Sri Panchami.
Akshara ( AA + Kshera) means the one that can never be destroyed. Abhyasa means practice. We may loose anything in life but the knowledge acquired by practice can never be lost.

Saraswati Vrat Vidhan or Saraswati Puja Vidhan

You can read the way to perform Saraswati Pooja here Saraswati Puja Vidhanam

Famous Temples of Goddess Saraswati

The most famous temples of Goddess Saraswati is Basara in Nizamabad.

Saraswati Temple at Vargal

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