Padmini Ekadashi Date 2012

When is Padmini Ekadashi 2012 ? , When is Padmini Ekadasi 2012 ?  , Ekadashi in August 2012 ,Ekadasi in August 2012

The Ekadashi in the Sukla Paksha of the Adhika Masam is known as Padmini Ekadashi. This year Padmini Ekadashi is observed on 27th August 2012.

Ekadashi or Ekadasi is an auspicious day for the devotees of Lord Vishnu.The procedure for observing the Ekadashi Vrat is same as that for normal months. Observing the Padmini Ekadashi Vrat would get rid of the all the sins and the devotee would be blessed with happiness and prosperity. One should read or listen to the Padmini Ekadashi Vrat katha.

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