Vijayadasami 2012 date

When is Vijayadasami?, Vijayadashami date 2012, Vijayadasami date 2012, 2012 Vijayadasami, Vijayadasami in 2012, Vijayadasami celebration 2012, Vijayadasami date 24 October 2012. Vijayadasmi ... Continue Reading →

Siddhidatri Ninth Day of Navratri

Ninth Avatar of Goddess Durga, Ninth day of Navratri, Ninth Manifestation of Goddess Durga, Ninth Form of Goddess Durga Goddess Durga is worshipped as Goddess Siddhidatri on the ... Continue Reading →

Maa Mahagauri Eighth Day of Navratri

Eighth Avatar of Goddess Durga, Eighth day of Navratri, Eighth Manifestation of Goddess Durga, Eighth Form of Goddess Durga Goddess Durga is worshipped as Mahagauri on the eighth ... Continue Reading →

Maa Kalaratri Seventh Day of Navratri

Seventh Avatar of Goddess Durga, Seventh day of Navratri, Seventh Manifestation of Goddess Durga, Seventh Form of Goddess Durga Goddess Durga is worshipped in the form of Kalaratri ... Continue Reading →

Maa Katyayani Sixth Day of Navratri

Sixth Avatar of Goddess Durga, Sixth day of Navratri, Sixth Manifestation of Goddess Durga, Sixth Form of Goddess Durga Goddess Durga is worshipped as Goddess Katyayini on the sixth ... Continue Reading →

Skandmata | Skanda Mata Day Five of Navratri

Fifth Avatar of Goddess Durga, Fifth day of Navratri, Fifth Manifestation of Goddess Durga, Fifth Form of Goddess Durga Goddess Durga is worshipped as Skanda Mata. Skandmata is the ... Continue Reading →

Maa Kushmanda Day Four of Navratri

Fourth Avatar of Goddess Durga, Fourth day of Navratri, Fourth Manifestation of Goddess Durga, Fourth Form of Goddess Durga, Kushmanda Mata, Devi Kushmanda On the fourth day of Navratri, ... Continue Reading →

Chandraghanta Day Three Navratri

Chandraghanta third form of Goddess Durga Chandraghanta is the form of Goddess Durga that is worshipped on the third of Durga Navaratri. By worshiping Goddess Chandraghanta one gets ... Continue Reading →

Mysore Dasara Celebrations

Mysore Dasara, Mysore Dusshera Dasara is a big festival in India, which is celebrated with lot of zeal and enthusiasm by one and all. In North India Dasara is marked by burning of the ... Continue Reading →


Dusshera, Dussera, Vijayadasami, Vijaya Dashami Dasara festival is celebrated on the Shukla Paksha Dashami (tenth day) of the Hindu lunar month of  Ashwayuja (Ashvin). The first Nine ... Continue Reading →

Ghatasthapana | Kalash Sthapana

The first day of Navaratri is known as Ghatasthapana or Kalasha Sthapana. Kalash (Ghat) means a vessel made out of gold, silver or copper. Sthapana means to install. Therefore Ghata ... Continue Reading →

Why Aapti leaves Exchanged As Gold During Dasara?

Katha of Apti leaves as sona in dasara Celebrations, Story behind Exchanging Aapti leaves during Dussehra Once there was a Brahmin by the name of Kausta. He was the son of Devadatta. ... Continue Reading →