Chodi | Chothi – Third day of Onam

Significance of Chodi or Chothi , What is Chodi ? What is Chothi ?

Chodi or Chothi is the third day of the ten day long festival of Onam.

Chodi or Chothi is the day when the marketing for the festival starts. Hence from Chodi the frenzy of  the Onam festival starts. People are busy shopping new clothes for kids and family. Clothes are also bought for servants. There is a tradition of gifting clothes and other items also. Hence children would make a wish list and present it to the parents. The markets are full with customers and shopkeepers attracting customers with various discounts.

The Pookalam also grows in size, as flowers are added to the Pookalam of Chitira. With the commencement of  shopping all the people come into the mood of the festival.
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