Atla Taddi 2012 Date

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Atla Taddi is observed on the Ashwayuja Krishna Paksha Tadiya or Tritya or the third day of the dark fortnight of the moon in the month of Aswayuja month of the lunar calendar. The Atla Taddi date for the year 2012 is 1st November 2012.

Atla Taddi or Atla Tadde is observed mainly in South India especially in Andhra Pradesh. Atla Taddi or Atla Tadde is observed by both married and unmarried women.Married Women would observe the Gauri Vratham on Atla Taddi for long life of their husbands and unmarried woman observe the Atla Taddi Nomu for getting good husband.

Women would get up early in the morning and eat before sunrise on Atla Tadde. The remaining day they spend preparing for the evening puja of Goddess Gauri and swinging on swings while singing songs.

Atla Taddi Puja Vidhanam can be read at  Atla Taddi puja Vidhanam.

After the puja is done  read Vrat katha can be read at Atla Taddi Vrat Katha.

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