Adhika Masam Dates 2015

When is Adhika Masam ? When is Adhika Masa ? When is Adhika Masam 2015 ? , When is Adhika Masa 2015 ?

The extra month which is known as Adhika Masam or Adhika Masa for the year 2015 known as Manmadaha Nama Samvatsaram will be from 3rd June 205 to 2nd July 2015.

Adhika Ashada Masa or Adhika Ashada Month 2015 dates 3rd June 2015 to 2nd July 2015.

Another name for Adhika Masa is Purshottama Masa as Lord Vishnu in the form of Purshottama is the head of this Adhika Masa. The Japam, Homam, Danam done in this Adhika Masam will have Adhika or extra benefits. Adhika Masam is one of the dearest Masam to Lord Vishnu.

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