Significance of Adhika Masam

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Adhika means extra. Masam is month. The meaning of Adhika Masam is “extra month”. Therefore the year with an Adhika Masam will have 13 Telugu Months as compared to the normal 12 Telugu Months.

The Telugu year will have 354 days as compared to 365 days, hence for every 32 months there will be one Adhika Masam. Normally every Masam has an Aditya, but in Adhika Masa there will be no Aditya out of the Dwadasa Adityas. Therefore Lord Vishnu with the name of Purushottama is the head of the Adhika Masam. Hence an Adhika Masam is also known as Purshottama Masam.

Adhika Masam is also known as Mala Masam, as it is believed that in Adhika Masam Purshottama will remove all the Mala (sins/bad things). Hence in Adhika Masam no functions or festivals are present.

It is believed that any Japam, Danam(Donations) done in this month would fetch Adhika or Extra Benifits.

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  1. Sarath

    Aug 07. 2012

    Can we do any Japam in Adhik Masam?
    Please suggest …

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    • Kalyan

      Aug 08. 2012

      Hi Sarath,
      Adhika Masam itself is an extra month and is known as Purshottama Masa. Any Japa, Dana(donation) done will give you extra benifits.

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  2. jandhyala surekha

    Aug 17. 2012

    What type of poojas should be done?pl suggest and wat danas should be given. surekha from bangalore

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  3. DS Murthy

    Aug 24. 2012

    Can i buy a house/flat during Adhika Masa?

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    • Kalyan

      Aug 28. 2012

      you cannot do gruha pravesha or house warming. You can buy but wait untill a aswayuja or karthik for house warming

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  4. saran

    May 18. 2015

    Shal i do namakarnam for my baby on malamasam(aani 2015) ?

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