Yati mahalaya

What is Yati Mahalya?, Significance of Yati Mahalya or Dwadashi Shraddha.

The Krishna paksha Dwadashi of the Bhadrapada month or the twelfth day of the dark fortnight of the Bhadrapada month of the solar calendar or the sukla paksha of the Aswin month is observed as Yati Mahalya or Yati Shradda or Dwadashi Shraddha.

Yati Mahalya is the twelfth day of the Mahalya Paksha.Shraddha is performed for the sages or saints who have left the body on  Yati Mahalaya. As shraddha for Yatis is performed on this day it is known as Yati Mahalya. For Yati shraddha pinda daan is not performed but only Anna Santarpana or food is offered to Brahmins.

For the people who have died on Dwadashi thithi irrespective of the paksha Shradda is performed. As a process of Shraddha Tarpan and Pinda Daan are done to please the ancestors who after being please would bless the family with wealth and happiness.

The story for observing the mahalya paksha can be read at Story of Mahalaya Paksha.

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