Yamuna Chhath 2015 | Yamuna Jayanti 2015 Date

Yamuna Chhath Date, Yamuna Jayanti Date, When is Yamuna Jayanti in 2015?, Yamuna Chhath in Basant Navratri, Yamuna Jayanti during Chaitra Navratri, 25th March 2015

The birth anniversary of Goddess Yamuna is celebrated on sixth day of bright fortnight in the Chaitra month of Hindu calendar. This day is called as Yamuna Jayanti or Yamuna Chhath. This year Yamuna Chhath is celebrated on Wednesday, 25th March 2015.

Yamuna Chhath is celebrated in a grand manner in braj area. Goddess Yamuna is also the wife of Lord Sri krishna arrived to the earth on this day. It is also coincides with the sashti of Chaitra or Basant Navratri.

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