Yamuna Chhath 2013 | Yamuna Jayanti 2013 Date

Yamuna Chhath Date, Yamuna Jayanti Date, When is Yamuna Jayanti in 2013?, Yamuna Chhath in Basant Navratri, 16th April 2013, Yamuna Jayanti during Chaitra Navratri

Yamuna Jayanti or Yamuna Chhath is celebrated in Mathura and Vrindavan (Brundavan). It is considered as day that Goddess Yamuna arrived to earth. Yamuna Chhath is observed during the sixth day of chaitra Navratri or Basant Navratri.

According to scriptures, Godess Yamuna is the wife of Lord Krishna. Yamuna Chhath or Yamuna Jayanti is observed on the Sixth day of bright fortnight in the hindu lunar month of Chaitram. This year, yamuna Chhath is on Tuesday, 16th April 2013.

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