Yamadeepdan on Dhanteras | Dhanteras Katha

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The legend of lighting a Diya or buying of metals on Dhanteras or Yamadeepdan.

Yamddepdan Katha or Dhanteras Katha

Once there was king by the name of Hima. He was pious and ruled his kingdom with dharma. He had no children for a long time. After few years his prayers were heard and was blessed with a male child. His happiness could not last long when the astrologers predicted that the child might die at the age of sixteen on the fourth day of his marriage. They also predicted that the death would be caused by snakebite. It was also foretold that if the prince could survive this threat he would live happily ever after.

The king was looking for ways to save his son and in the process got him married to a girl who had a long married life in her horoscope. Hoping that as the girl had a happy and long married life his son would be saved.

The king also cautioned the girl that a snake would come to kill the prince and it was her responsibility to save her husband.

The girl thought and asked all the servants to bring all the gold and silver in the palace and from the treasury and pour all around in the bed room. The servants did as said and the whole place was filled with light from the glittering of gold and silver. She also made sure that the whole place was filled with diyas lit all around. The place was lit brilliantly.

Lord Yama in the form of snake came to the palace and as he entered the room was blinded by the dazzling lights of the diyas and the glittering of the gold and silver.

The girl was trying to keep her husband awake by telling stories and singing songs. Lord Yama in the form of snake was unable to see through the light and so climbed on one of the heaps of gold and listened to the songs. He was mesmerized by the voice of the girl and forgot the reason why had he come to the palace.

The night passed by and as the Yama Gandam or the possible time on which Yama can kill the prince has passed Lord Yama left.

Hence on this day ladies make sure that they lit a diya or diyas and keep them lit through the night. Also it is made a point to buy Gold or Silver ornaments on this day so that their glittering can cast away death.

Lighting the Diya and buying of gold or silver is done to cast away death and there by enjoy a happy and prosperous life.

The day on which the prince was saved from Lord Yama is observed as Dhanteras or Yamadeepdan.

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