Why should one fast on Ekadashi?

This is a question that comes first to the mind if one asks us to do something. Why?

Indian mythology offers answers and there is one for this also.

It is said that Lord Vishnu who is also known to oversee all the process of world, was fighting all the evils(papalu in telugu) and killing them. They prayed for mercy  and said that in Kaliyuga it is inevitable for Paapam (evil) and hence  asked him to show them some place so that they will do their dharma and avoid the battle.

Vishnu then said that they can stay in all the food items (rice, cereal etc) on Ekadashi, and hence forth it is adviced to fast on Ekadashi, so that they are not subjected to consume the Papam.


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    Jan 02. 2013

    Om Namo Narayana namaha.

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