Why Aapti leaves Exchanged As Gold During Dasara?

Katha of Apti leaves as sona in dasara Celebrations, Story behind Exchanging Aapti leaves during Dussehra

Once there was a Brahmin by the name of Kausta. He was the son of Devadatta. He completed his education under the guidance of Guru Sage Varatantu. Kausta asked his Guru as to what should he give as Guru Dakshina. Varatantu rejected any kind of Guru Dakshina and said that he was a great student and that it self was the Guru Dakshina.

Kausta insisted that his Guru should take some Guru Dakshina (fees) or else he would not leave. Seeing this Varatantu asked that he wanted 140 million Gold coins in return for the 14 sciences he has taught him. Kausta wanted to give the Guru Dakshina but had no money. He went to the king Raghu who was famous for wealth and the donations to Brahmins. He asked for 140 million Gold coins in donation.

King Raghu had just completed a Yaga in which he had donated all the wealth to the poor and Brahmins. He had nothing with him. But he wanted to give Kausta the money as he cannot send the Brahmin, when a Brahmin asks for a donation.

King Raghu, went to Indra and asked him to provide with the gold coins. Indra then summoned Kubera and asked him to make a rain as many  Gold coins as there are leaves in all the Aapti trees present in the kingdom of Raghu .

Kubera made a rain of Gold coins for each leaf of the Aapti tree present in the kingdom of Raghu. Kausta gave all the gold coins to his guru. The raining of gold coins happened on the day of Dasara or Vijaya Dashami. From that day on wards the leaves of Aapti are exchanged as Gold coins on Dasara.

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