What is Diwali?

What is Deepavali?, Depawali, Dipavali, Dewali, Divali, Dipotsavi, Dipa pratipad

Diwali is a major hindu festival which is celebrated all over the world. Few other religions like Jains and Sikhs also celebrate this festival. Diwali generally celebrated during the fall i.e in the October – November.

In Sanskrit, Diwali means “festival of lights,”. The festival celebrates the triumph of good over evil. Diwali is celebrated for different reasons in different parts of India. In North India Diwali is celebrated as the Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya on this day, after killing the demon Ravana. In South India Diwali is celebrated as the victory of God Srikrishna over the demon king Narakasura.

During diwali, people clean their homes and light there homes to welcome the luck and good fortune. Also exchange gifts and host parties on this day. They celebrate evenings with fireworks and public gatherings.

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