Vishwarupa Guru of Gods

This is the story of how Vishwarupa became the Guru of Gods.

It is a well known fact the Guru or Master for Gods or Devas is Bruhaspathi. There was an instance when Sage Bruhaspathi relinquished the post of Deva Guru.

Once the king of Gods Indra, was arrogant because of the wealth. He was very proud and looked at others like ants. Once when Indra was in the court, Devaguru Bruhaspathi arrives. Because of the pride Indra pretends as if he has not noticed Guru Bruhaspathi and doesn’t welcome him. Seeing this negligence of Indra, Bruhaspathi leaves. This shows the calmness  and control of the senses of Sage Bruhaspthi. Even though Bruhaspathi is capable of cursing Indra, he doesn’t do so and leaves calmly.

After some time, Indra realizes his mistake. Indra goes to Bruhaspathi and prays for forgiveness. But Bruhaspathi doesn’t yield. Indra was unhappy. This shows that one who doesn’t respect Guru would loose the Guru. A person without a Guru is always unhappy or worried.

Demons take the advantage of Indra being deprecated in power, due to lack of Guru, attack the Gods. Demons seek the advice of their Guru Sukracharya and attack. Demons easily defeat Gods.

All the Gods go and pray to Lord Brahma to rescue them. Brahma explains that even though Gods were powerful in all the aspects, they were defeated only because of their negligence towards their Guru Bruhaspathi. Without a Guru one cannot succeed. Lord Brahma advices Gods to go and seek the blessings of the great Sage Vishwarupa and pray to him to be the Guru of Gods. Lord Brahma says that only Sage Vishwarupa is capable of being the Guru of Gods.

Vishwarupa is the son of Twashta and also the son of Grandson of Daksha.

Gods go to Sage Vishwarupa, pray to him to be their Guru. Sage Vishwarupa after due consideration agrees.

It is only with the help of the power of tapasya or penance that one can over come any kind of difficulty. Finally Gods, acknowledging this principle reach Sage Vishwarupa  and pray to him to rescue them from their difficulties.

Sage Vishwarupa agrees and  takes upon the responsibility of protecting the Gods. Under the guidance of Vishwarupa Gods defeat the Demons and retrieve their kingdom and posts.

From above story it is clear that, one should respect his Gurus, even though the mistake was done by Indra, showing his negligence towards Guru, all the Gods had to share the affect of his negligence and were defeated. This shows that even being with a person who does wrong things, would affect the people connected or attached to him.


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