Vesak 2043 | Buddha Purnima 2043 Date

Vesakha, Budda Jayanti Date, Buddha Jayanthi, when is Vesak in 2043?, Vesakha 2043 Date, Vaishaka Purnima, Vaishaka Pournami 2043, Buddha Purnima Date, Vesak in India and Nepal, 25th May 2043

Buddha Purnima 2043

Buddha Purnima 2043

The full moon day of Vaishaka Masam or Vaishaka Purnima as per lunar calendar is celebrated as Buddha Purnima. This year Buddha Purnima will be celebrated on Saturday, 23rd May 2043.

Buddha Purnima is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Buddha. Buddha purnima is also the day when Buddha attained enlightenment and the day Buddha had passed away. All the followers of Buddhism are expected to assemble in the temples before dawn. The gathering is for hoisting the most honorable Buddhist flag. The flag will be hoisted before dawn hence all the devotees are asked to gather before dawn. Then all the devotees sing the hymns of the Triple Gem: Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.

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