Amla tree

Amla tree

Vanabhojanalu are organized in the month of Karthika of Telugu calendar. It is said that there is no other month like the Karthika Month. It is a favorite to both lord Vishnu as well as Shiva. It is a common practice to go for vanabhojanam in this month.

Vanabhojanam meand vana is equal to forest,garden and bhojanam is food so it is taking food in a forest or garden.

Normally people tend to go and have food in a garden or park and return, very few know how one should have the food. There are special rules that need to be followed right from choosing the garden to having the food.

The rules are, the garden for must and sure have a Amla(Usirika) tree in it along with few other trees. One should eat only under the Amla tree. But before eating one should pray to the Amla tree along with a photo of lord Vishnu or Siva placed under the tree.

Then one has to circle around the tree for 9 times called pradakshina to the tree and should eat the food only from a plate made from the Panasa(jack fruit) leaves.

This is celebrated to tell the importance of Amla and its Ayurvedic nature. Breathing the air that comes from the Amla tree is good for health in this month.

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