Vaikasi Visakam 2039 Date

Vaikasi Visagam, Vaigasi Visakam, Vaikasi Visakam Date, When is Vaikasi Visakam in 2039?, 5th June

Vaikasi Visakam 2039

Vaikasi Visakam 2039

Vaikasi Visakam is the celebration of birth anniversary of the Hindu God Murugan. This festival is observed on the day when the Visaka Nakshatra (asterism  Libra) falls in the month of Vaikasi. This month is also known as Vaisakha in other hindu calenders. Usually it is observed in the month of May – June. This year, Vaikasi Visakam is on Sunday, 5th June 2039.

Lord Muruga is also known as Skanda, Subramanya, Kumara, Shanmugam and Armugam. This god is considered as God of Courage, Wealth and Wisdom. Vaikasi Visakam is observed mainly in South India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Sri Lanka and in other places having Tamil population. On this day devotees carry milk to lord muruga temples and perform abhishekam and take out procession.

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