Uthardam | Uthardom – Ninth day of Onam

Significance of Uthardam , What is Uthardam ? , When is Uthardam ?

The penultimate day of Onam also known as First Onam is Uthardam. Uthardam is the ninth day of the celebration of ten day Onam festival.

Uthardam is the day when King Bali returns to his kingdom and tours the kingdom  blessing his people.

On Uthardam the tenants of the Nayar families would bring their crop products or samples  to the eldest of the family known as Karanavar. This ritual is known as Onakazhcha. Onakazhcha is brought normally by all the villagers to the village head. The village head or the Karnavar would treat all the subjects who bring him Onakazhcha with a lavish lunch buffet on Thiru Onam.

On Uthardam women would cut the first set of vegetables to be used in the OnaSadya for the next day or Thiru Oman. The lunch on the Uthardam day is also famous.

The pookalam also increases in size with the addition to the design of the Pooradam day.

Onam dates.

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