Upanayanam 2015 Dates | Upanayana Muhurthams 2015

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Upanayanam is introducing the novice to the stage of student hood. In Samskara of Upanayanam thread ceremony is performed. This is performed to formalize the brhman boy to get the eligibility to read and study the sacred books.

Here is the list of auspicious days and muhurats for Upanayanam in 2015. These muhurat timings are provided for general idea and based on Indian Standard time. These dates and timings may differ by a day according to location. Every muhurtham is included with tithi, varam, nakshatram, lagnam, and the best time.

29th March 2015SundayDashamiPushyamiMithuna11.12AM
10th April 2015FridaysashtiMoolaMithuna10.16 AM
22nd April 2015WednesdayChavithiRohiniMithuna10.48 AM
24th April 2015FridaySashtiArudraMithuna10.40 AM
25th April 2015SaturdaySaptamiPunarvasuMithuna10.35 AM
6th May 2015WednesdayVidiyaAnuradhaMithuna9.54 AM
9th May 2015SaturdayShashtiPurvashadaMithuna9.42 AM
10th May 2015SundaySaptamiUttaraashadaKrakataka10.35 AM
13th May 2015WednesdaydashamiPurvaabhadraMithuna9.26 AM
20th May 2015WednesdayVidiyaMrigashiraMithuna8.58 AM
22nd May 2015FridayChavithiPunarvasuKarkataka9.47 AM
24th May 2015SundayShashtiAshleshaKarkataka9.39 AM
28th May 2015ThursdayDashamiUttaraMithuna8.26 AM
31st May 2015SundayTrayodashiSwathiMithina8.19AM
6th June 2015SaturdayChavithiUttarashadaKarkataka8.47 AM
7th June 2015SundayPanchamiShravanaKarkataka8.43 AM
8th June 2015MondayShashtiDhanistaMithunam7.46 AM
11th June 2015ThursdayNavamiUttarabhadraMithuna7.32 AM
30th October 2015FridayTadiyaRohiniDhanu11.02 AM
31st October 2015SaturdayChavithiMrigashiraDhanu10.58 AM
13th November 2015FridayVidiyaAnuradhaDhanu10.08 AM
15th November 2015SundayChavithiMoolaDhanu10.00 AM
18th November 2015WednesdaySaptamiShravanaDhanu9.48 AM
23rd November 2015MondayDwadashiRevathiDhanu9.28 AM
29th November 2015SundayChavithiPunarvasuDhanu9.04 AM
30th November 2015MondayPanchamiPushyamiMakara10.30 AM
5th December 2015SaturdayDashamiUttaraMakara10.12 AM
6th December 2015SundayEkadashiHastaDhanu8.36 AM

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