Upanayanam 2013 Dates | Upanayana Muhurthams 2013

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Upanayanam literally means ‘taking near’. Upanayanam is also one of the Samaskara. In this ceremonial rite the young Brahmin boy is invested with the sacred thread and initiated into the Gayathri. Upanayanam is known as Punal, Odugu, Upanayana, Munji, Munja, Janeu, Lagundeoni, Uponayon, Brata Ghara, Bratabandra and Mekhal.

The list of Upanayanam dates in 2013 or Upanayana Muhurthams 2013 are given here.

6th January 2013SundayNavamiChitraKumbha09.02 AM
7th January 2013MondayDasamiSwathiKumbha08.58 AM
13th February 2013WednesdayChaturthiRevathiMakara04.39 AM
2nd May 2013 ThursdaySapthamiSravanamVrushabham07.15 AM
3rd May 2013FridayAstamiDhanishtaVrushabham07.11 AM
5th May 2013SundayEkadashiPurvabhadraVrushabham
07.03 AM
09.45 AM
12th May 2013SundayTadiyaRohiniKarkatakam10.23 AM
13th May 2013MondayChavithi MrugasheeraKarkatakam10.19 AM
22nd May 2013WednesdayDwadashiChitthaMithunam08.48 AM
23rd May 2013ThursdayTrayodashiSwathiMithunam08.42 AM
27th May 2013MondayTadiyaMulaMithunam08.26 AM
29th May 2013WednesdayPanchamiUttarashadaMithunam
08.18 AM
09.15 AM
30th May 2013ThursdayShasthiSravanamMithunam
08.14 AM
09.10 AM
31st May 2013FridaySapthamiDhanisthaMithunam
08.10 AM
09.06 AM
3rd June 2013MondayDasamiUttarabhadraMithunam
07.59 AM
08.55 AM
8th August 2013ThursdayTadiyaMukhaSimham
07.51 AM
09.29 AM
11th August 2013SundayPanchamiHasthaSimham
07.38 AM
09.16 AM
12th August 2013Monday ShasthiChittaSimham
07.34 AM
09.12 AM
15th August 2013ThursdayNavamiAnuKanya09.00 AM
19th August 2013MondayTrayodashiUttarashadaKanya08.45 AM
21st August 2013WednesdayPadyami DhanisthaKanya08.37 AM
22nd August 2013ThursdayVidiyaSatabishamKanya
08.33 AM
12.21 PM
25th August 2013SundayPanchamiRevathiKanya
08.22 AM
12.10 PM
26th August 2013MondayShasthiAswiniKanya
08.14 AM
12.04 PM
29th August 2013ThursdayNavamiRohiniVruschikam11.54 AM
30th August 2013FridayDasamiMrugasheeraKanya
08.00 AM
10.46 AM
6th October 2013SundayVidiyaChittaVruschikam09.22 AM
7th october 2013MondayTadiyaSwathiVruschikam09.18 AM
9th October 2013WednesdayPanchamiAnuVruschikam09.09 AM
14th October 2013MondayDasamiDhanisthaDhanush12.01 PM
17th October 2013ThursdayChaturdashiUttarabhadraVruschikam08.41 AM
18th October 2013FridayPurnimaRevathiVruschikam
08.36 AM
11.46 AM
23rd October 2013WednesdayChavithi MrugasheeraVruschikam
08.16 AM
11.26 AM
27th October 2013SundayAsthamiPushyamiDhanush11.10 AM
7th November 2013ThursdayChavithiMulaDhanush10.26 AM
11th November 2013MondayNavamiDhnisthaDhanush10.11 AM
14th November 2013ThursdayDwadashiUttarabhadraDhanush 09.59 AM
15th November 2013FridayTrayodashiRevathiDhanush09.54 AM
20th November 2013WednesdayTadiyaMrugasheeraDhanush 09.42 AM
24th November 2013SundayAsthamiMukhaDhanush 09.21 AM
27th November 2013WednesdayNavamiUttaraDhanush09.08 AM
4th December 2013WednesdayVidiyaMulaDhanush
08.42 AM
10.13 AM
6th December 2013FridayChavithiUttarashadaDhanush08.34 AM
8th December 2013SundayShasthiDhanisthaDhanush
08.26 AM
09.57 AM
9th December 2013MondaySapthamiSatabhishamDhanush
08.22 AM
09.53 AM
11th December 2013WednesdayNavamiUttarabhadraMakaram09.45 AM
12th December 2013ThursdayDasamiRevathiDhanush
08.11 AM
09.42 AM
13th December 2013FridayEkadashi AswiniDhanush
08.06 AM
09.37 AM
16th December 2013MondayChaturdashiRohiniDhanush
07.54 AM
09.25 AM
19th December 2013ThursdayVidiyaPunarvasuMakaram09.14 AM
20th December 2013FridayTadiyaPushyamiMakaram09.10 AM
23rd December 2013MondayShasthiMukhaMakaram
09.00 AM
11.16 AM
25th December 2013WednesdayAsthamiUttaraMakara08.52 AM
26th December 2013ThursdayNavamiHasthaMakaram08.48 AM
27th December 2013FridayDasamiChittaMakaram08.47 AM

10 Responses to “Upanayanam 2013 Dates | Upanayana Muhurthams 2013”

  1. ravi

    Jan 30. 2013

    Dear Sir/Madam
    Namaskaram, . We are planning to conduct for my son born 12.10.2000 we are belong samavedam. We want to do uppanayanam during 2013. we enquired with out sastry he said only
    15 JULY 2013 AVAILABLE .why only this date. please kinly inform me
    other date are available or not

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  2. Ramesh

    Feb 17. 2013

    My star is Krittigai 2nd padam and my younger sons star is Aswathi.

    Can you please suggest dates for conducting Upanayanam ceremony in May 2013.

    Thanking you

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  3. Ramesh

    Feb 17. 2013

    We are Yajur shakha adhyayis and our gothram is Harith.
    My star is Krittigai 2nd padam and my younger sons star is Aswathi.
    Can you please suggest dates for conducting Upanayanam ceremony in May 2013.
    Thanking you

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  4. Srinivasan

    Feb 26. 2013

    Many say only 2014 is good for upanayanam! Is this true and why? Very confused pls clarify!

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  5. pranatharthi haran

    Mar 03. 2013

    we wish to participate samasti upanayanam at kanchi or at kovai during vaisaka

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  6. Madhav

    Mar 22. 2013

    Dear Sir/Madam
    Namaskaram, .My birth star is Mrigashira (Vrishabha Rashi). My wife’s star is ShataBhisha (Kumbha). We would like to perform the Upanayanam between May 2013 and August 2013 for my son born on 02nd November, 1999. His Birth star is Poorva Phalguni (Simha). We are RigVedis.
    Are there any good Muhurtham during the period between May and August 2013.
    He completed 13 years last November. Currently he is 14 running.

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  7. Manu

    Apr 12. 2013

    Namaskara, My son is 9 years , born in 2003 Jeestha Nakshtra time ,Australian time 1.05 pm . My Nakshtra is Jeesta and my wife’s Nakshtra is moola, we are kshtriyaa’s please give an auspicious date for performing his upanayana .
    Thank u

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  8. Sreenivas M

    Apr 13. 2013

    My son ‘s star is visakha 1 (22-08-2004 at 11.33 AM at hyderabad) my star is dhanista 2 (10-01-1970 at 5.45am near Ellur) we wnated to perform upanayanam of our son. Pl let me know the suitable date & time that is muhurtam in visakha month 2013.We are bhramins vaideki velnnadu .

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  9. vsn murthy

    Apr 14. 2013

    we are planning to perform UPANAYANAM to my son.
    father’s nakshatram – JESTA
    mother’s nakshatram – ASWINI
    SON’s nakshatram – ANURADHA


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  10. Hemangi

    Jul 30. 2013

    I want to know is there any Munj Muhurtam for my son. He is 2004 born with Makar raas and Uttarashadha nakshatra.
    I am looking for 26th or 27th dec. And plan to do Munj at Thane: Mumbai.

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