Undrala | Undralla Taddi Puja Vidhanam

Undralla Taddi Nomu Udyapana , Undrala Taddi Nomu Udyapana , Undralla Taddi Nomu Pooja Vidhanam , Undralla Tadiya Puja Vidhanam

Undrallu are a type of recipie prepared from rice grains. Undralla Taddi is celebrated on Bhadrapada Bahula or Krishna Paksha  Tadiya, which is the third day of the wanning phase of the moon in the month of Bhadrapada.

As part of Undralla Taddi every year on Tadia, one has to take head bath on vidiya the day before tadiya, eat the food early in the morning of Tadia before sunrise. On vidiya there is no need of fasting but on the next day i.e Tadiya fasting has to be observed. So one should eat before sunrise of Tadiya and should fast for the entire day of Tadiya without even drinking water until Moon rise.

Viewing of Moon is not mandatory but to wait until sun sets completely and it becomes dark is important. After viewing the moon or sun completely sets, Goddess Gauri is worshipped.

The process of worship is

Pasupu Ganapathi Puja.

Gauri Shodasopachara Puja. Offering is a part of Shodasopachara Puja. As a part of the offering 5 Undrallu are a must.

After the puja, Vayanam has to be given to a Married women.

The vayanam consists of 5 Undrallu. Then if possible one can give dakshina and blouse piece also, but this is not mandatory. Obviously take blessings of the Married woman. Vayanam has to be given, assuming that the women taking the Vayanam is Goddess Gauri herself.

Read the Undralla Taddi Nomu or Undralla Taddi Vrat katha.

This has to be continued for five years.

After the completion then Udyapana for Undralla Taddi comes. After Udhyapana one need to continue the Vrat or Nomu.

  1.  Invite 5 married women to your house early in the morning.
  2. Perform head bath or the women can come after taking the bath.
  3. Give Mehindi or Henna or Gorintaku to the Married women
  4. Vayanam is to be given to each one of them. Vayanam consists of 10 Kudumulu, Tambulam , Blouse piece , Black beads , Pasupu or Turmeric , Kum kum or Vermilion , Dakshina or money.

After this the Undralla Taddi Nomu is completed.

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    sir, after going through ur information, about vundrala thadiya, i felt happy and it is very informative that i can understand and follow it. thank u for ur service.

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