Undrala | Undralla Taddi Vrat Katha

Undrala Taddi Nomu Katha , Undralla Tadia Nomu Katha

Once all the women of a village performed the Undrala Taddi Nomu on Bhadrapada Bahula or Krishna paksha Tadiya. The king used to visit a prostitute regularly. She for the sake of fun told the king that she also wanted to perform the Undrala Taddi Nomu. The king asked her that he would arrange every thing and asked her to give the list.

The prostitute gave the list haphazardly as follows , (the word are in telugu, she uttered them as they were in rhyming. The telugu word along with the explanation is in the brackets and the other word is only for rhyming)

Aaku (leaves) –Geeku

Koka(blouse piece)- Geeka

Koora(vegetables)- Geera.

The soldiers went and brought all the leaves, bluse pieces and vegetables. But were unable to bring any of the things that did not exist. The prostitute mad fun of the king that he was not able to bring all the things she asked for.

It was late in the night by the time all the things were in place. The prostitue performed the Undrala Taddi Nomu. She invited other married women offered 5 Undrallu to Goddess Gauri Devi and gave each married woman 5 Undrallu as Vayanam.

Udyapana of Undrala Taddi :

1)   On the day before Tadiya i.e on Vidiya perform head bath

2)   In the early hours of Tadiya, before sunrise eat food.

3)   After sunrise till the Moon is visible should observe fasting without drinking even water.

4)   Offer 5 Undrallu to Goddess Gauri after seeing the Moon

5)   Give 5 Undrallu as Vayanam to a married women

6)   This has to be repeated for 5 years

7)   After 5 years, invite 5 married woman, perform head bath to each of them,  give them mehindi or henna or gorintaku. Distribute 10 Undrallu to each of the married woman along with Pasupu, Kum Kum, Black beads, money, blouse piece, Tambulam.

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