Tripushkar Yoga 2034 Dates

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According to hindu astrology, Tripushkar Yoga is an auspicious period. Any important work can be started in this yoga will be repeated at least thrice. Tripushkar Yoga is formed by the combination of Day, Tithi and Nakshatra.

Here is a table that will show you the dates and the days of the month along with the duration of Tripushkar Yoga in 2034, based on the hyderabad location. These dates and timings may vary according to your location.

DateDayStart TimeEnd Time
01st January 2034 Sunday10:12 AMNext Day 05:25 AM
11th January 2034 Wednesday02:55 AM06:12 AM
20th February 2034 Monday04:00 AM06:44 AM
25th February 2034 Saturday06:41 AM11:00 AM
01st March 2034 Wednesday05:58 AM06:38 AM
16th April 2034 Sunday 01:05 AM06:03 AM
16th April 2034 Sunday06:03 AM11:00 AM
29th April 2034 Saturday08:28 AMNext Day 05:54 AM
30th April 2034 Sunday05:54 AM10:19 AM
10th May 2034 Wednesday04:22 AM05:50 AM
17th June 2034 Saturday10:51 PMNext Day 05:46 AM
18th June 2034 Sunday05:46 AM10:01 AM
27th June 2034 Tuesday04:11 PMNext Day 05:48 AM
02nd July 2034 Sunday11:57 PMNext Day 05:50 AM
21st August 2034 Monday00:29 AM06:04 AM
26th August 2034 Saturday12:18 PMNext Day 00:41 AM
14th October 2034 Saturday03:33 PM05:17 PM
24th October 2034 Tuesday08:09 AMNext Day 03:18 AM
28th October 2034 Saturday08:49 PMNext Day 06:17 AM
29th October 2034 Sunday06:17 AM10:46 AM
07th November 2034 Tuesday06:21 AM02:03 PM
18th December 2034 Monday00:27 AM06:44 AM
26th December 2034 Tuesday10:52 AMNext Day 04:58 AM
31st December 2034 Sunday04:08 AM06:50 AM
31st December 2034 Sunday06:50 AMNext Day 02:51 AM

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