Tripuri Purnima | Tripurari Poornima

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Kartik purnima is also celebrated as Tripuri Purnima. This festival is celebrated to commemorate the victory of God Shiva over the demon Tripurasura and the destruction of the three cities (Tripuri).

According to a legend, a powerful demon king named Tarakasura Got boons from the gods and built three impregnable cities (called tripuri) of gold, silver and iron for his sons (known as Tripurasura). The demons became arrogant about his ultimate and unbeatable strength and started harrasing the gods and humans. Gods along with Brahma and Vishnu started praying the Lord Shiva and urged him to kill tripurasura. God Shiva fought with the demons, killed them and destroyed all the three cities with a single arrow. From then Shiva is also known as Tripurantaka.

This great victory happened on the full moon day in Kartik month. This day is hence called Tripuri Purnima. Lighting of lamps in temples and homes in the evening after sunset in honor of Shiva is a major event on this day. This day is also celebrated as Dev Diwali (the Deepavali of Gods) as they got victory over the powerful demon.

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