Tiruvalluvar Day

What is Tiruvalluvar Day?, Significance of Tiruvalluvar Day, Tiruvalluvar Day Importance

Thiruvalluvar day

Thiruvalluvar day

Tiruvalluvar Day is the birth anniversary of the Tamil Poet Thiruvalluvar. He is the author of Thirukkural. Thirukkural is believed to be one of the antique and great Literature in Tamil. Thiruvalluvar wrote this in the second century AD. Some scholars believe that it was written in first century BC. People and scholars garland the Tiruvalluvar statue and discuss Thirukkural on this day.

Thirukural is about human psychology and work ethics. Tiruvalluvar Day falls during the fourth day of the Pongal festival.Tiruvalluvar Day is also celebrated as the Kaanum Pongal. This festival is celebrated on the Third day of the Thai month. Every year it falls almost on the same day. Every year, it is observed on the 16th January (sometimes on 17th January).

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