Tiruvalluvar Day 2013

Tiruvalluvar Day in 2013, When is Tiruvalluvar Day in 2013?, Tiruvalluvar Birth Date, 16th January 2013

Tiruvalluvar Day marks the birth anniversary of Tiruvalluvar, a Tamil philosopher and poet. He wrote the famous book Thirukkural in the 2nd Century. Tiruvalluvar Day is celebrated as the fourth day of the pongal festival. This year, Tiruvalluvar Day is on Wednesday, 16th January 2013. This day is also celebrated as Kaanum Pongal or Karinaal.

Thirukkural is considered as the sacred text by the Tamilians. It contains 133 chapters, known as athikarams. These athikarams are consists of ten rhyming couplets, known as kurals. Each of these kural is divided into seven seers, having four in the first and three in the second line of each couplet.

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