Margazhi month is synonymous with Tiruppavai. Tirupavai Pasurams is rendered in the early morning in all temples and houses. Tiruppavai composed by Andal and is a collection of 30 pashurams. Women and Un married girls read these pashurams during the 30 days of margazi month.

Alwars are saints of Sri Vaishnava’s, who dedicated their lives for praising the Lord Vishnu. Alwars are 12 in Number and out of which one is Sri Andal, who is a woman. Andal also known as Nachiar and also as Kodhai. She is a daughter of Vishnu Chitta alias Nammazhwar of Srivilli puttur.

Tiruppavai are tamil traditional songs, belongs to the Pavai genre. They are sung in context of Pavai nombu observed in the month of Margazi. This is observed for happy married life.

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