The 16 Names of Godess Radha

The 16 Names of Godess Radhika

Godess Radha Worshipped by different names describing her relationships and Charecteristics. There 16 names of Shri Rdhika described by Lord Narayana in the Brahma Vaivarta Purana, Srikrishna Janma Kanda.

RadhaGodess, who is the bestower of ultimate divine bliss.
RasesvariGodess, Who is the Goddess of the rasa dance.
Rasa-VasiniGodess, Who always lives with the rasa dance.
Rasikesvari Godess, Who is the Goddess of those who relish divine mellows.
Krsna-PranadhikaGodess, Who is dearer to Krishna than His own life.
Krsna-PriyaGodess, Who is Krishna's most dearly beloved companion.
Krsna-SwarupiniGodess, Whose form resembles Krishna is so many ways.
Krsna-Vamanga-sambhutaGodess, Who is generated from Krishna left side.
Paramananda RupiniGodess, Who is the personification of supreme ecstasy.
KrsnaGodess, Who bestows the best form of supreme liberation.
Vrindavani Godess, Who lives in Vrindavana
VrindaGodess, Who always lives in the company of Her girlfriends.
Vrindavana-VinodiniGodess, Who enjoys many pleasures in Vrindavana.
ChandravaliGodess, Whose form has many moons.
Chandra-KamtaGodess, Who effulgence is like the moon.
Sarat chandra Prabhanana Godess, Whose face glows like the full moon of August.

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