Thai Pongal 2013 Date

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Thai Pongal 2013

Thai Pongal 2013

Thai Pongal is the Major festival in southern parts of the India. It is the second day during the four day pongal festival. It is observed on the first day of the Tamil month Thai. This year, Thai Pongal falls on Monday, 14th January 2013. This day is also known as Surya Pongal or Perum Pongal.

Thai Pongal is dedicated to the Sun God. This festival is a thanks giving ceremony in which the farmers thank the Sun God. Thai Pongal celebrations begins early in the morning. Every one in the family gets up early in the morning, take ritual bath, wear new cloths gather in a open place to a traditional pongal ceremony. There they boil the milk and cook the pongal in a new clay pot.  They spend the evenings with attending cultural events or visiting relatives and friends.

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