Telugu Wedding Dates 2015

Telugu Wedding Dates 2015

Telugu Marriage Dates 2015, Kalyana Muhurat 2015, Vivah Subh Muhurat, Auspicious marriage dates

Hindus perform their marriage on Auspicious Muhurat. Different language people consider different panchangams for wedding muhurat. They consider the birth sign (Moon sign) of bride and groom is used to find out the auspicious Muhurt for marriage.

Here we are providing the full information about the auspicious marriage date, day, tithi, lagna, amsha, shubh muhurat or auspicious time, rashi and nakshatra of that particular date and time. These are based on Telugu Pnachangam and for Hyderabad location.

10th April 2015FridaySashtiMoolaMithuna10.16 AM
21st April 2015TuesdayTadiyaRohiniKumbha3.26 AM
22nd April 2015WednesdayChavithiRohiniMithuna10.48 AM
22nd April 2015WednesdayChavithiMrigashiraMakara1.03 AM
22nd April 2015WednesdayChavithiMrigashiraKumbha3.22 AM
29th April 2015WednesdayEkadashiUttaraphalgunaKumbha2.57 AM
3rd May 2015SundayPurnimaSwathiMithuna10.05 AM
6th May 2015WednesdayVidiyaAnuradhaMithuna9.54 AM
7th May 2015ThursdayTadiyaMoolaKumbha2.24 AM
9th May 2015SaturdaysashtiPoorvaashadaDhanu10.26 PM
9th May 2015SaturdaysashtiPoorvaashadaKumbha2.16 AM
10th May 2015SundaySaptamiUttaraashadaKrakataka10.35 AM
10th May 2015SundaySaptamiUttaraashadaDhanu10.22 PM
20th May 2015WednesdayVidiyaMrigashiraMithuna8.58 AM
20th May 2015WednesdayVidiyaMrigashiraDhanu9.41 PM
27th May 2015WednesdayNavamiUttaraDhanu9.14 PM
28th May 2015ThursdayDashamiUttaraMithuna8.26 AM
28th May 2015ThursdayDashamiUttaraMesha4.08 AM
30th May 2015SaturdayDwadashiSwathiMesha4.05 AM
31st May 2015SundayTrayodashiSwathiMithina8.19 AM
3rd June 2015WednesdayPadyamiMoolaMesha2.46 AM
5th June 2015FridayTadiyaUttarashadaDhanu8.38 PM
5th June 2015FridayTadiyaUttarashadaMakara10.09 PM
6th June 2015SaturdayChavithiUttarashadaKarkataka8.47 AM
7th June 2015SundayPanchamiShravanaKarkataka8.43 AM
7th June 2015SundayPanchamiDhanistaDhanu8.35 PM
10th June 2015WednesdayAshtamiUttarabhadraMesha3.18 AM
11th June 2015ThursdayNavamiUttarabhadraMithuna7.32 AM
11th June 2015ThursdayNavamiRevathiMesha3.15 AM
23rd October 2015FridayEkadashiShatabhishamMithuna10.45 PM
25th October 2015SundayTrayodashiUttarabhadraDhanu11.22 AM
25th October 2015SundayTrayodashiUttarabhadraKarkataka11.35 PM
29th October 2015ThursdayVidiyaRohiniKarkataka11.16 PM
30th October 2015FridayTadiyaRohiniDhanu11.02 AM
30th October 2015FridayTadiyaMrigashiraMithuna10.17 PM
31st October 2015SaturdayChavithiMrigashiraDhanu10.58 AM
13th November 2015FridayVidiyaAnuradhaDhanu10.08 AM
14th November 2015SaturdayTadiyaMoolaMithuna9.18 PM
18th November 2015WednesdaySaptamiShravana
9.48 AM
1.11 AM
19th November 2015ThursdayAshtamiShatabhishamMithuna8.59 PM
22nd November 2015SundayEkadashiUttarabhadra
11.02 AM
8.47 PM
9.45 PM
26th November 2015ThursdayPadyamiRohiniMithuna8.31 PM
27th November 2015FridayVidiyaMrigashiraMithuna
8.27 PM
12.36 PM
27nd December 2015WednesdaySaptamiMagaDhanu8.52 AM
4th December 2015FridayNavamiUttaraKarkataka
8.56 PM
12.07 AM
5th December 2015SaturdayDashamiUttaraMakara
10.12 AM
7.56 PM
6th December 2015SundayEkadashiHastaDhanu8.36 AM
16th December 2015WednesdayPanchamiDanishtaMakara9.28 AM
17th December 2015ThursdaySashtiShatabhishamSimha10.18 PM
23rd December 2015WednesdayTrayodashiRohiniMakara8.59 AM
30th December 2015WednesdayPanchamiMakaKumbha10.54 AM

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