Telugu Months and Telugu Climates

Month in Telugu is called as Maasamu ( approx 30 days) as is Paksham (15 days)

Climate/Season in Telugu is called as Ruthuvu

The following are the telugu months

  1. Chitra Massam called as Chaitram
  2. Vishaka Massam called as Vishakam
  3. Jaistha/Jeystha Massam called as Jaistham/Jeystham
  4. Ashada Massam called as Ashadam
  5. Sravana Massam called as Sravanam
  6. Bhadrapada Massam called as Bhadrapadam
  7. Asweeja Massam called as Asweejam
  8. Kaartheeka/Karthika Massam called as Kaartheekam/Karthikam
  9. Maargasira Massam called as Maargasiram
  10. Pushyam Massam called as Pushyam
  11. Magha Massam called as Magham
  12. Phalguna Massam called as Phalgunam

The months start with Ugadi the telugu new year and the climates (ruthuvulu) are divided as follows:

1. Vasanth ruthuvu : Chitram and Vishakham.

In this all the tress start to blossom like spring

2. Greshma ruthuvu : Jeyshtam and Ashadam

This season is hot and sunny. summer

3. Varsha ruthuvu : Sravanam and Bhadrapadam 

This is Rainy season

4. Sarad ruthuvu : Asweejam and Kartheekam.

This season there will cloudless sky and one can enjoy the full moon basically moon light.

5. Hemantha ruthuvu : Maargasira and Pushyam

This season is like the winter, snow fall and cold waves

6. Sasira Ruthuvu : Magham and Phalgunam

This season trees shed leaves and getting ready for a new life and that marks the start of the year after the end of this season.


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  1. Geetha Sindhuri

    Apr 05. 2015

    I think hemantham is autumn and sisiram is winter and not the other way around?

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