Tharpanam, What is Tarpan, Tarpanam meaning, Tarpanam during Pitru Paksha, Tharpan, Tarpanam Ritual

Hindus show their respect and devotion towadrs the ancestors and gods by offering water is called Tarpana. Trup means satisfaction. Tarpanam means “Offering which satisfies” i.e satisfying the ancestors and Gods.

Tarpana ritual is performed for 15 days during Mahalaya Paksha. Only those people, whose father is “not alive” are eligible to perform Tarpanam. Tarpanam can be offered to 3 generations of father, grand father and great grand father along with their wives and 3 generations from mother side i.e maternal grand father, his father and grand father along with their wives. If the maternal grand father is alive Tarpanam should not be performed for mother side family.

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