Surya Grahan 2017 Dates

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Surya Grahan, (is Also known as solar eclipse) can only occur on Amavasya Day, and only if the Moon abstracts sun rays falling on the Earth. There are different types of Surya Grahanam’s. We have two of those in 2017.

As per Hinduism a person’s life is effected negatively by Surya Grahan. Some observe fast and perform special puja’s on this day to negate these effects.

Here is the Surya Grahan calendar for the year 2017.

DateFestival Name
13th October 2020 (Tuesday)Parama Ekadashi
17th October 2020 (Saturday)Tula Sankranti , Navratri Started
21st October 2020 (Wednesday) Saraswati Avahan
22nd October 2020 (Thursday)Sarasvati Puja
24th October 2020 (Saturday)Maha Navami , Durga Ashtami
25th October 2020 (Sunday)Dussehra
27th October 2020 (Tuesday)
Papankusha Ekadashi
31st October 2020 (Saturday)
Sharad Purnima

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