Surya Grahan 2013 Dates

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Surya Grahan (Also called as lunar eclipse) occur on Amavasya day, When moon abstracts sunrays to the Earth. It is going to strike the earth two times in 2013. As per Hinduism a person’s life is effected negatively by Surya Grahan. Some observe fast and perform special puja’s on this day to negate these effects.

The dates of Surya Grahan for the year 2013 is given below.

DateTypeVisible Areas
10th May 2013AnnularAustralia, New Zealand, Central Pacific.
Annular North Australia, Solomon Islands and Central Pacific.
3rd Nov 2013HybridEastern Americas, Southern Europe and Africa.
Hybid: Atlantic, Central Africa

Annular Solar Eclipse (Surya Grahan) 10th may 2013 Timings

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