Subramanya Sashti 2013 Date

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Subrahmanya Sashti is a Skanda Sashti, that comes in the next month of Soorasamharam. Sixth day of waxing moon period in every month is celebrated as Subrahmanya Sashti. Subramanya Sashti falls in the month of Margashira. This year Subramanya Sashti is on Saturday, 7th December, 2013.

Lord Subramanya is the Prime Diety of this festival. Subramanya is the son of God Shiva and Godess Parvathi. His vehicle is Mayura (Peacock). Subrahmanya Sashti is belived to be the day that God Skanda killed Demon Tarakasura. It is advised to offer prayers to Lord Subramanya Swamy on this auspicious day by performing abhishekam. Brahmacharis worshiped on this day and are also given Vastra and Dakshina.

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