Sri Vaibhav Laxmi Vrat Katha

Sri Vaibhav Laxmi Vrat Katha , Sri Vaibhav Lakshmi Vrat Katha

Once, Goddess Parvati asked Lord Shiva “ People on Earth are suffering a lot to earn money. While all are trying their best only few are able to earn good money. Could you please tell me the reason for the same.”

Lord Shiva answered, “ the fate of a person to become rich is in the hands of the Goddess Vaibhav Laxmi as she is the head for all kinds of wealth like gold,money, rice grains etc. Therefore the people who recognize Vaibhav Laxmi and pray to her, perform the Vaibhav Laxmi Vrat, the Goddess Vaibhav Laxmi will have more inclination towards them. People with the blessings of Vaibhav Laxmi would overcome any difficulties in any kind of work they undertake and the victory is always theirs. Those who do not recognize Goddess Vaibhav Laxmi would never be able to earn wealth and would be suffering all their life for money. All their efforts would be in vain and they will never be able to taste success. Those who want to become wealthy, want victory in whatever field they pursue, should perform the Vaibhav Laxmi Vrat. Only then will they get the blessings of Goddess Vaibhav Laxmi and would be successful in their profession.”

Goddess Parvati after listening to the answer, prayed to Lord shiva  “Lord! Who is this Vaibhav Laxmi? What is her history? What is her power? Can you please explain these clearly”. Lord Shiva pleased with Goddess Parvati , told “Devi, please listen carefully to the  history of Goddess Vaibhav Laxmi:

Once Sage Bhrugu did great penance (Tapasya) for Goddess Parasakthi. Goddess Parasakthi, pleased by his penance(Tapasya) appeared before Bhrugu. She aksed Bhrugu the reason for doing the penance(Tapasya) and what is it that he is expecting in return for the great penance(Tapasya). Bhrugu prayed to the Goddess and replied, “hey mother of all ! this world is dependant on three things



3)Money .

All these three are you only, but there are distributed into three different forms, the Power form is as Goddess Parvati and is with Lord Shiva, Your Intelligence form is as Goddess Saraswati and is with Lord Brhama. I wish for the third form of yours ie Money to be my daughter. So Goddess please grant me your Third Form Money as a daughter to me.”

Goddess Parasakthi granted the wish and was born to Bhrugu as Vaibhav Laxmi. Bhrugu married his daughter to Lord Vishnu. On the wish of Lord Vishnu, Vaibhav Laxmi granted enoromous wealth to the Gods  and was known as Swarga Laxmi. With the enoromous wealth the king of Gods Indra became arrogant. He committed a mistake in his arrogance due to which he was cursed by Sage Durvasa. Because of the curse Vaibhav Laxmi was forced to move into the ocean. And Indra had no wealth. As Goddess Laxmi left Lord Vishnu was all alone.

Indra was suffering due to  poverty, so he approached Lord Vishnu for help. Lord Vishnu also being alone, plans that as Goddess Lakshmi has entered the Ksheera Sagaram (ocean of milk) only by churning Ksheera Sagara Lakshmi can be brought back. Hence advises Indra to Churn Ksheera Sagara.

Indra and other gods with the help of demons, Churn Ksheera Sagara, using Mandhara Mountain as the Churn stick and Vasuki as the rope. Along with lot of other things and people, Goddess Lakshmi also comes out and blesses Indra and others with wealth. During the process of reappearing, as per the request of the gods Goddess Laxmi appeared as eight forms

1)   Aadi Laxmi 2)Dhanya Laxmi 3)Veera(Dhairya) Laxmi 4)Gaja(Rajya) Laxmi 5)Santhana Laxmi 6)Vijaya Laxmi 7)Vidya Laxmi 8)Dhana Laxmi.

Out of all the eight forms the best form is of the Dhana Laxmi. She also known as Aishwarya Laxmi or Vaibhav Laxmi. She came to be known as ksheera samudra raja tanaie (daughter of the Ksheera Samudra King).

Vaibhav Laxmi moving to Kolhapur

Goddes Laxmi, the one who can grant all wealth to the world, has high self respect and cannot tolerate any kind of ill treatment.

Once all the sages decided to know who is the softest of Lord Bhrama, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. They approached Sage Bhrugu and asked him to decided. In the due course Bhrugu visits Satya Loka the abode of Bhrama ,Kailasa the abode of Lord shiva he rejects and curses both. Finally he visit Vaikuntha the abode of Lord Vishnu. In Vaikuntha, Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi were playing with dice. Fully involved in playing, Lord Vishnu doesn’t acknowledge the greetings of Sage Bhrugu. Bhrugu feels insulted as Lord Vishnu is his son-in-law and Goddess Laxmi is his daughter and both have ignored his visit. Bhrugu gets angry and kicks on the heart of the Lord Vishnu.

Lord Vishnu doesn’t get angry at Bhrugu and would pacify him by inviting and taking care of him. Goddess Laxmi, gets angry, as Lord Vishnu has not punished Sage Bhrugu even after he has kicked on the heart of Lord Vishnu, which is her living place. She leaves Vaikuntham and goes to Kolhapur.

Story of Seela- Suseela-Gunaseela-Vishala

Lord Shiva tells Parvati that the greatness and kindness of Goddess Vaibhavlakshmi cannot be described in words. As an example let me tell you a story

Once in the city of Pratishtana Puram there were four sister by the name of Seela, Suseela, Gunaseela, Visala. They were ardent devotees of Goddess Vaibhav Laxmi. They got married to four men in the same town. These four men were well off with wealth, job and health. With wealth increasing each day all the four men became arrogant. They started to think that all the success in their life is purely because of their hard work and nothing else and started to ignore Goddess Viabhava Laxmi.

Seelas husband was a well known scholar. He believed that it is due to his knowledge in all the Vedas and shastras that has bought the name and fame. He questioned the role that was played by Goddess Vaibhav Laxmi in attaining the name and fame. Viabhava Laxmi was not happy with his behaviour and his arrogance. Goddess Vaibhav Laxmi wanted to teach him a lesson. As and when Goddess Vaibhav Laxmi thought to teach him a lesson , the wealth of the scholar started to decrease, his knowledge was of no use for him, he was left with nothing and finally was on to the roads. They started to spends days in utter poverty, without proper clothing and food.

Suseelas husband was a commander in the army of the king. He was a great warrior who was recognized by the king and was felicitated several times. He also like the husband of Seela, thought that all this name and fame was because of his courageous fights only and started ignoring Goddess Vaibhav Laxmi.

Goddess Vaibhav Laxmi wanted to teach him a lesson. This commander got into a fight with a very wealthy and powerful man regarding some money. The wealthy man approached the king and was able to gain the kings confidence and alleged the commander in many things. The wealthy man was able to influence the king in getting the commander arrested. The commander fought with the soldiers who came to arrest him, but lost to them. His properties and wealth were seized and he was put into jail.

Gunaseelas husband was a trader. He also thought that it was his trading skills, his shrewd thought and talking that has brought him wealth. Goddess Vaibhav Laxmi was annoyed and wanted to teach him a lesson. Slowly because of the arrogance and because even the goddess was not in his favour, other traders started to keep a distance with him. The trader started to loose customers and slowly was moved into debts. Leaving him nothing and was moved into poverty.

Visala husband was a good person. But because of wealth and high earning became an easy prey for the wrong things in life. He used to believe that what ever was earned was for enjoying the life and not to waste the wealth in the name of Vratas and Poojas. He was a victim of all types of addiction like drinking alcohol, cigarettes etc. Because of his addiction he spent all his earnings and properties and became poor.

With all this happening, the four sisters were confident that at some point or the other Goddess Vaibhav Laxmi would bless them for their devotion. They prayed to Goddess Vaibhav Laxmi that atleast she should help them to acquire food for their children. Goddess Vaibhav Laxmi moved by their praying appears as a old woman and advices them as follows

Perform Goddess Vaibhav Laxmi Vrat

“ Ladies! Looking at the ardent devotion towards Goddess Vaibhav Laxmi iam very much pleased. I will advice you with a way in which you would be blessed at the earliest by Goddess Vaibhav Laxmi. Perform the Goddess Vaibhav Laxmi vrat immediately in your homes and that would solve your problems.”

The four ladies question the old woman on how to perform the vrat and how much would it cost them to perform it. The old lady answered as follows.

 Goddess Vaibhav Laxmi Vrat Vidhanam as stated by the Goddess

Goddess Vaibhav Laxmi  Vrat is not at all a costly Vrat. At anytime this Vrat has to be perfomed for 4 or 8 or 9 or 11 or 21 Thursdays or Fridays. Those who perform this Vrat on Thursdays, should complete the Vrat for the number of weeks that they promised to perform the vrat and in the last week should do the Udyapana (final offering) on the next day ie Friday of the last week .

On any Thursday or Friday, take bath early in the morning and promise the Goddess Vaibhav Laxmi that we would perform the Vrat for so many weeks (4,8,9,11 or 221 weeks). Pray to Goddess Vaibhav Laxmi  to grant the will and power to perform the Vrat.

Fast for the whole day and worship Goddess Vaibhav Laxmi after sunset. Rather than money it is the cleanliness, good acharas, devotion that are important in this Vrat.

 Ya trabhagyatha daasa maana charana prakshalanam bhojanam,

Sathsay vasithu devataarchana vidhi ssatyam gavaam paalanam.

Dhaanyaanaamapi sangrahaan sakalahaschittathu roopapriyaa,

Drishteem prasaara vasaami tatra stadettaraha nishphala.

These are the words that were told by Goddess Vaibhav Laxmi herself.

“The house in which people would treat guests as gods, would serve them as servants, wash their feet and sprinkle the water that washed the feet on their head, then offer them food first, and show them a proper place for taking rest and

The house in which people always pray to gods and their dead ones, who speak truth only, who raise and worship a cow, who donate Rice grains, who have no enmities towards others, whose houselady is simple and happy “

I would stay in that house.

Therefore it is good practices and good character that are important along with devotion. Wealth is secondary.

On the day of worhsipping the goddess, clean the place which is on the east or nort east of the house, draw a Rangoli of  Lotus with eight petals. Place a new cloth on the rangoli and pour sufficient rice on it. The rice has to be poured to form a square shape. Place a kalash made out of Gold, Silver or Copper. Place 4 Mango leaves in the kalash and place a coconut on them. Cover the Coconut head with a blouse piece cloth. Place a red flower in the kalash along with a gold or silver ornament. If not an ornament place a rupee coin or any coin of your capacity. Then one should light diya or deepam using cow ghee, light the incense sticks.

Laxmi Ganapati or Sri Chakra is a favorite of Goddess Vaibhav Laxmi , hence those are to be worshipped first and only then should Goddess Vaibhav Laxmi be worshipped. Sweets are must in the offering or Naivedyam. If gold or silver or copper is out of the reach one can even worship using the Turmeric branch (Pasupu Kommu). If offering a sweet is out of reach then one can offereven a small piece of jaggery or some  sugar. After completion of the Puja the gold or silver or copper ornament or the coin has to be stored.

Those who want children have to pour the water in the kalash to a Mango tree.

Those who want long married life have to pour the water in the kalash to Tulasi (Basil)Plant.

Those who want to have a happy married life have to pour the water in the kalash to a flower tree.

Those who want wealth have to drink the water in the kalash.(only couples)

The rice grains are to be spilled for the birds.

By performing the Vrat as said above, unemployed person would get employment, those who are not getting married will get married, poor would become rich, and all the wishes of the devotees would be full filled by Goddess Vaibhav Laxmi.

The four sisters immediately worshipped Goddess Vaibhav Laxmi that they would perform the Goddess Vaibhav Laxmi Vrat for 4,8,11,21 weeks as per their capacity.

The next Friday they performed the Goddess Vaibhav Laxmi Vrat. Since all the four were poor, they used a copper bowl for kalash.

The poorest of the four seela put a copper coin in the kalash, suseela put a rupee coin in the kalash, Gunaseela put a silver ornament in the kalash and finally visala put her nose ring in the kalash and worshipped Goddess Vaibhav Laxmi.

Goddess Vaibhav Laxmi was pleased with their devotion and blessed all four of them equally, even though they used copper, one ruppe coin, silver and gold in the kalash.

Due to the power of the Vrat, seelas husband  was once again recognized as a great scholar and wealth automatically returned to him.

There was an internal war, due to which suseelas husband was summoned form jail to recover the situation. Suseelas husband with the blessings of Goddess Vaibhav Laxmi was able to contain the situation. Due to this he was pardoned for the previous mistakes and given back his position and glory.

Gunaseelas husband came to lime light, because of heavy demand for a  rare variety of grain that he imports and exports. All the traders were forced to unite with him. He also gained popularity and all his customers along with new ones returned to him. He became wealthy.

Finally visalas husband started to get away from his addictions one by one. All this started from the same week when Visala started the Goddess Vaibhav Laxmi Vrat. With each week passing by her husband was free from one addiction per week . After the completion all the weeks, they were happy and wealthy.

Goddess Vaibhav Laxmi Vrat Katha Sampoornam.

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