Som Pradosh | Soma Pradosham

Pradosham is an auspicious day dedicated to God Shiva. Pradosham falls on 13th day (Trayodashi) of the Hindu lunar fortnight. Pradosham occurs twice in a traditional Hindu month during the two phases of the Moon (waxing and waning). Praying God Shiva on this day, allows us to get rid of past bad karma.

What is Som Pradosh?

Soma Pradosham is also known as Som Pradosh, Som Pradosha, Moon Prodosham and Som Pradosh Vrat. If Prdosham falls on Monday, then it is called Soma Pradosham. Soma means Moon and Somavaar is Monday.  Monday is Dedicated to God Shiva. As said earlier Pradosham is also dedicated to God Shiva. Soma  Pradosham is considered very auspecious.

Soma Pradosham 2013 Dates

In 2013, We have two Soma pradosham’s. Here are Som Pradosh 2013 dates:

02nd  September 2013 – Krishna Paksha
30th  December 2013 – Krishna Paksha

Soma Pradosham Time

On Pradosham Day Puja is performed on Pradosh kaal. Pradosh kaal means twilight period. The twilight period starts 1.5 hours before sunset and ends 1 hour after the sunset. During this period, the devotees believe that God Shiva and Parvati are in cheerful mood and offer anything asked during the puja.

Som Pradosh Fast, Som Pradosh Vrat

On Som Pradosh, usually, Hindus observe a fast called Som Pradosham Vrat. Devotees generally spend this day by reading Shiva stotrams and the Shiva Purana. The fast starts at sunrise and ends in the evening after performing pradosh kaal puja by having the Prasad. A few devotees who observe strict fast, do not eat anything during the day. They only resume eating in the next morning. There are a few devotees also observe a partial vrat by consuming fruits and water.

In the evening (Pradosh kaal), devotees gather in large numbers, offer pujas to Lord Shiva in the temples.

Significance Of Soma Pradosham:

The Moon (Soma) rules your mind and emotions which is why people are advised to wear the Moon Stone. Soma Pradosha puja provides Control on mind and erasing negative karmas.

One of the names of Lord Shiva is Someshvara, who has placed the the Moon in his hair. Mondays are very auspicious for Lord Shiva. Hence offering pujas on Soma Pradosham’s  helps you to get the blessings of God Shiva and Goddess Parvathi and also relive from Chandra Dosha.

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